dear body.

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i was going to post this on the broke and nameless blog.
but i saw this as more of a personal thing, and if you guys would like to follow suit…
please do 🙂
this is a letter to my body in all its kayla-ish glory.

dear hair,
im so so sorry, that i probably wont ever let you grow out and that i dye you almost every week..its just that your hair says a lot about you, and i just really dont like plain hair. but i love you and i thank you for staying on my head.

dear face,
eyes: you’re are so pretty, and im sorry for covering you in make-up but i just want everyone to see how amazing you are, i want you guys to stand out. im sorry i dont wear my glasses and sometimes i poke you on accident, but i appreciate you.
nose:you’re small and pointy like a bear’s nose, but you’re cute and help make funny faces that allow me to squinch you, sorry for poking a hole in you but it was for us and you look a lot more becoming with it.
mouth: you’re also kinda small, but you help me smile and talk and make more funny faces and plus i can well….you know, kiss 🙂 and that feels really nice.
face, i love you even though you’re so round.

dear torso,
you’re so short, but maybe cuz im short and that would make a lot of sense huh?
i agree.
boobs:you’re so huge, and i can never find shirts that fit right, without paying an arm and a leg for them, but you guys sit up and make nice pillows, so ive heard 🙂
tummy: oh tummy, MY tummy .. you’ve gotten a tad bit pudgy over the years, but you’re soft and its not like you’re huge, so i love you because we’ve been through so much and you havent fallen off yet, so thats a plus 🙂

dear bottom half,
donk: *sings my booty got swag* you’re so big and make it terribly hard to find pants that fit correctly, because they fit but never in the waist! curse you small waist! but yes donkito you get a lot of attention and i guess thats good.
legs: you’re so short and stubby, but you’re my form of transportation sometimes and sometimes skin you up because im so damn clumsy, but im sorry for the bumps and bruises.
feet: you’re small, shoes cost less, thank you 🙂

my curves: although i tend to hate you from time to time, you make me feel so womanly, you are the essence of a woman and sometimes guys arent intimidated by you so they approach and that just proves my point. curves make me a woman, even when i feel like less of a woman and curves i thank you in a way you could never imagine, plus my body is perfectly proportional and no one wants to be lop sided 🙂

so body..
i wrote this letter to say this, that even though i may pick at you and scrape you and poke at you and talk about you, you’re the only body ive got and you’re mine for a reason and i should start treating you better and respecting you more, i really do love you even when im not acting like it. i hope you forgive me and understand that its just a phase that every woman goes through.

with all my love,
kayla 🙂

p.s. body, im hungry… will you feed me?

so anyways…
a body is a body is a body.
everyone has one, be it short, tall, skinny, fat or whatever.
respect it because its the only one you got, you could be a one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater, but if you cant love yourself no one else will.
i know this personally, because i tend to hate my body with a passion, most days, sometimes i cant help it. i know i need to love my body for what it is, not what i wish it would be.

swear i just spilled my heart out in a blog..
have a good day guys, i love you all 🙂

have you guys written a letter to your body today?


Spoken Word.

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i love poetry.
hands down.
the way to my heart? write me a fucking poem and it better be badass.
My favorite poem? Nikki by Dante Basco (youtube it)
So me being a little poetess..
I’ve decided to share, enjoy 😀

There’s something about you…
Something about the way words flow so slowly from your mouth ending in such a sweet melody that only i can decipher your true feelings..
Your true readings, you.
No one has ever made me feel the way you make me feel..
No one has never been so real..
I love the way my heart beats ten times faster when your name is mentioned…
The way my knees shake when you give me your undivided attention.
You feel me, even when i cant feel myself, when i cant hear myself and i thank you…
I only wish that you didnt reside in my dreams, that you werent just a figment of my imagination, that i was deserving of you.

how could something so right, go so wrong?

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*turns up my fucking bass*

“baby girl you look like a theme park to me”

cant wait to get my young money tattoo, and no im not on no groupie shit.


as much as people talk about wayne, i love his ass.
it something about that dude that makes me wanna pull a lauren london, nivea, and toya.
wayne gets it in.

but this post is not about me being one of wayne’s future baby mamas, all though im sure the sex, head conversation would be damn near amazing.

this post is about the people that really inspire me to be in music.
i love music, if i could marry that shit you could call me mrs. songbook, okay so that shit was lame, but dont judge me.
music is a major passion. music to me is like kismet. but im more inspired by people that arent main stream like brandun deshay and JQ (he is one of the most influential friends i have)

*ill upload pictures next post too damn lazy at this moment*

and if you have never heard of them.
here’s a track 🙂
okay so my uploader is being a bitch.

but you can check brandun deshay out here.
and JQ here.

they’re fucking amazing.
but see name dropping, i got sidetracked off what the fuck im supposed to be talking about.
ahh yess.
music and inspiration.
i would really like to sing, and those guys really wanna make me wanna go hard with that shit, i appreciate that a lot.

now if they would just let me hit a couple of notes on they next track, i would appreciate it a lot more.

To Write Love On Her Arms.

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Today im gonna blog about something serious [insert applause here].
If you look in my sidebar you see I have the social vibe widget for this organization “To Write Love on Her Arms” . I support this organization wholeheartedly and i think that you guys should too.

TWLOHA is an organization that finds help for people suffering with struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery. I think that is very important nowadays that we help other people, because you never know what someone is going through.

If you would like to help this organization,TWLOHA has a street team that you can join here. and you can even support the organization, by buying their merchandise, which include shirts, bags, postersm and things like that they are available on the website or at stores like Hot Topic.

For more on TWLOHA, click here.

you wanna hit it. hit it. SMASH!

•July 15, 2009 • 1 Comment

*does dutty wind*

soo uhm, when i started i actually really had something to talk about, but now i dont. i dont know what happened, it was right at the tip of my index finger and *insert sound effect here* it was gone! so maybe i’ll just make this a picture post. deal?
if being a stripper, video girl, or golddigger to the stars doesn’t work for me, i plan on going into photography.


and this is me, i really hate when mumsy puts her fingers in my pictures.

and i think this has the making of a legend feel…

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*sings offkey* butt so big, i could probably sell a blank disc.

swear i need to lay off the drake, seriously. like right now. *changes song* ha ha B5! yes i’m most def  still feigning for the B5 peen, if i dont sex marry drake, im getting me some patrick/carnell/kelly/dustin/bryan peen. *does sexual hump dance*


but this is not about all the future peen i will be getting, although it would be a nice topic to blog about. this is about the fact that i cant ever fucking finish shit (excuse my french). like i start a task and the shit never gets finished, like i had an old blog, but my ass def forgot the password. so now i gotta start from scratch. not happy about that at all. but like i was tryna write last night, because i’ve been having the worst writer’s block, but this is all i got:


“An open mind speaks through a filtered heart, an awkward combination, but the only way to keep my sanity intact. You always left me with something to be desired, for you to be as open with me as i used to be with you, but it’s obvious i wasnt what you wanted, i wasn’t what you feigned for, but you lead me on,let me think that i was something that i wasnt, that there was something there that wasnt.”


I was doing pretty damn good, if i say so myself and thenit just stopped and that was all i was left with.